Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Maximum Gold El Dorado


Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Maximum Gold El Dorado

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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Maximum Gold El Dorado

Premium Gold Rare Cards Are Back!

Gorgeous Premium Gold Rares return to give many of your favourite cards a classy new look! Premium Gold Rare Cards have raised golden outlines, borders, symbols, and icons that accentuate the artwork and add texture to many of your favourite cards.


  • 4x packs with 7 cards each:
    • 2 Premium Gold Rares
    • 5 gold-letter Rares


  • New Variant Artwork! – Ten more cards get a complete makeover with new variant artwork in addition to the Premium Gold Rare treatment! You’ve seen the new variant artwork for I:P Masquerena on the I:P Masquerena accessories, and now you’ll be able to see her in your Extra Deck. Knightmare Unicorn will also receive new variant artwork, giving a powerful combo a new look!
  • New Cards and Returning Favourites! – Maximum Gold: El Dorado* will also be home to a number of new cards in addition to its many returning favourites. Fans of ‘Number’ monsters will want to keep an eye out for a new Xyz Monster with a mind-bogglingly huge ATK boosting effect, and Duelists who have been waiting to complete their set of Premium Gold Rare Dragonmaids can do so with a Premium Gold Rare Chamber Dragonmaid!

Cards that don’t get the Premium Gold Rare treatment will still get a bit of gold themselves, appearing as gold lettered Rare cards instead of the standard silver lettering.


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