Lord of the Rings LCG Mount Gundabad


Lord of the Rings LCG Mount Gundabad

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Lord of the Rings LCG Mount Gundabad

Mount Gundabad is the fifth Adventure Pack in the Ered Mithrin cycle.

The time has come. All your adventures across Wilderland have pointed you in one direction: toward Mount Gundabad and a confrontation with the terrible Dragon that roosts within. While few would openly rush into a battle with such a beast, one thing remains certain: Dagnir poses a threat to the whole of Wilderland and you must take on whatever risks are necessary to keep it safe.

Take the next step in your journey with Mount Gundabad! With new player cards to diversify your decks and an entirely new adventure to challenge your skills, you have everything you need to turn your footsteps toward Mount Gundabad.

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